What do you do at the Eco360 Solid Waste Facility to minimize the environmental impact of your operations?

We strive to minimize the environmental impact in many ways and are always looking at options to further reduce the environmental footprint. For example:


Our Landfill is designed by experts to collect and treat harmful substances that are produced when garbage decomposes. 

  • A liner is constructed using soil and plastic geomembranes to collect the liquid which is called leachate. 
    • It is treated on-site and then sent to the Trans Aqua for further treatment. 
    • We recently completed a $3.6 million upgrade on our leachate treatment facility
  • Landfill Gas (mostly methane) is currently collected and flared on site. 
    • We are finalizing an agreement to purchase a 1.0 MW generator which will burn the landfill gas and produce electricity which will be sold to NB Power.
    • We will be producing enough electricity to power over 300 homes in addition to what is consumed on site!
    • Global warming potential of landfill gas is 20 to 25 times more powerful than that of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

By diverting more recyclable and compostable material from our landfill we extend the operation life of the landfill, thus reducing the footprint required for landfill space.

Since 1996 over 700,000 tonnes (12 football fields at 50 ft high) of material have been diverted from landfill, including compost, recyclables and C&D waste. This represents the equivalent of 3 new landfill cells and a cost savings of over $6 million.