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3-Stream Sorting

The 3-Bag Waste Sorting System is designed to make sorting waste easier than ever. Learn about your residential sorting program and also some tips & tricks that will help make everything as easy as 123. Let us show you the proper way to separate your Recycling, Composting, and Garbage.

Grade K-12

20-30 min

How recycling works

Recycling is important to help reduce our impact on the environment. We know it’s about transforming waste into new products, but is there more to it than that? We want to show you how recycling works, what can be recycled, why certain things can’t be recycled, the benefits of recycling, and much more.

Grade 5-12

45-60 min


Most of us know what compost is; as in what it is used for, but do you know what composting is? What are the benefits of composting? What types of composting are there? How do you maintain a good compost? These are the types of questions that we answer in this presentation while explaining our own composting process.

Grade 5-12

30-45 min

Waste reduction

Have you ever asked yourself what the impact of your day-to-day consumption is? This presentation will help teach you how to be a mindful consumer and make informed decisions by learning about the 3Rs, the end of life of products, a zero-waste lifestyle, and much more.

Grade 7-12

45-60 min

Science of waste

There is much more going on at landfills than just burying waste. A lot of science and engineering is involved in the safe and responsible management of a landfill and this presentation will teach you all about it. You will learn about transforming waste to energy, how landfills are built, how waste decays, etc.

Grade 9-12

30-45 min

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