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Mobile Eco-Depots

Thank you for using our Mobile Eco-Depot service! Eco360 is always here to help,
but we also need your help to keep things running smoothly.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Residents are limited to a single load of up to a half-ton + utility trailer per day.
  • Material must be boxed, bagged, or bundled for easy unloading (<30 lbs).
  • There is a maximum of 40 large fluorescent bulbs per resident.


Loads and/or material may be refused if:

  • The material is suspected to be commercial
  • The material is unsanitary (pet waste, hygiene waste, etc.)
  • The material is not boxed, bagged, or bundled for easy unloading
  • Brought in Black bags
  • It contains more than 8 tires


Items that are not accepted include:

  • Gas or oil tanks
  • Regular curbside waste
  • Car parts
  • Unsanitary & Biomedical waste
  • Black Bags


2023 Mobile Eco-Depot Schedule

Glass Recycling Program

We are expanding our glass recycling program in partnership with local recycler Rayan Environmental Solutions. Residents of the region can bring their clean, clear and coloured glass to one of the community drop-offs throughout the region or any Mobile Eco-Depot event. Pyrex, tempered glass, ceramics, and lids are not accepted.

Eco360 currently has 9 drop-offs in place and hopes to expand to more communities this year. For details of what is and is not accepted and all drop-off locations, see our glass recycling page.

Glass Recycling


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