Do recyclables really need to be cleaned before they’re put in a blue bag? 

Yes. We ask that you scrape off any dirt and rinse for a second or two so that it's clean enough to not drip/contaminate other items in the blue Recyclables bag. Here are some examples: 

  • For aluminum foil - scrape excess food waste off and fold so as to keep the clean side out. The little food waste that remains in the foil is ok. 
  • For plastic jars - like peanut butter jars we ask that you empty the jar and scrape out the excess material. Add a bit off water, close the top and shake for a few seconds and then empty water. If a little bit remains that’s not a problem. 
  • Paper plates - please scrape, rinse and put in the blue bag. 
  • Pizza boxes - please empty, scrape clean and put in blue bag.